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Paco Ojeda on Music: Dave Grusin


    His name may not seem familiar to you, but Dave Grusin is a multi-talented, Grammy award-winning composer, arranger and pianist. He is co-founder of GRP Records, a label that pioneered all-digital audio recordings, and spearheaded the “pop jazz” sound through artists like Patti Austin, Lee Ritenour and many others. In addition, he has composed memorable scores to many succesful films, including Tootsie, The Firm and On Golden Pond.

    We will learn more about the role arrangers and composers in the jazz orchestra in general, and follow Grusin’s musical accomplishments along his career through video and audio clips.

    After having learned about his music style, you can join us the following day, for a screening of one of the aforementioned films—you get to pick the film through a poll on a separate Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1978024865815524/?active_tab=discussion

    Incanto Vallarta Bar, Puerto Vallarta

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